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Greetings from SuperSavers Carpet Installation, your premier choice for top-notch carpet installation services in lively Edgefield County SC, FL. At SuperSavers, we're devoted to providing excellent carpeting solutions that perfectly complement your property. Our team of carpet installation specialists ensures a seamless installation process, delivering not only beautiful carpets but also the highest level of client satisfaction. Upgrade your space with SuperSavers Carpet Installation - where comfort meets quality."}

Our Mission

Our mission is clear and simple; to provide our clients outstanding carpet installation services that come with the utmost style, comfort, and durability. It is our view that a properly installed carpet is a pathway for comfort and beauty.

Why Choose SuperSavers Carpet Installation Edgefield County SC, FL.?

Many distinctive features that make us stand out in our field. Several justifications for which you ought to select SuperSavers  Carpet Installation, Edgefield County SC involve:

Superior Craftsmanship:

Our team of expert professionals is dedicated to providing precise and top-tier carpet installation, ensuring every detail is handled with precision.}

Prioritizing Your Satisfaction:

Prioritizing Your Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our priority. We work closely with you to grasp your expectations and desires, delivering results that align with your vision.}

Extensive Selection of Choices:

Choose from our extensive selection of carpet styles, colors, and materials to find the perfect fit for your property.}


Timely Service

We pride ourselves on timeliness! Our dedication to being on time comes from our value for our patrons' time. We stay away from unnecessary delays and wrap up our tasks in an efficient manner our tasks.

Our Carpet Installation Services In Edgefield County SC, FL.

At our Edgefield County SC location, SuperSavers  Carpet Installation, we provide a variety of expert carpet installation services. Several of the services available to you include:

Carpet Installation Services: this entails;

Residential Carpet Installation

This particular service is primarily tailored to enhance the beauty and comfort of residences. We simply lay down carpet in numerous sections of your dwelling, including bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, and stairs. Our carpet laying provides a blend of style, beauty, and warmth to your household living space. Opting for our services, you can count on accurate, precise, and long-lasting results. Several of the services available for residential spaces encompass:

Carpet Selection Assistance

We have the expertise to assist you in selecting the ideal carpet for your household space among the wide variety of design choices at your disposal. Picking the right carpet depends primarily on your unique requirements, budgetary constraints, tastes, and the architecture and arrangement of your areas.

Carpet Repair and Maintenance

With SuperSavers  Carpet Installation, Edgefield County SC, we also offer repair and maintenance services already installed carpets in your own dwellings. We address concerns such as wrinkles, loose seams, stains, and additional kind of damage, in the end sustaining its visual and lengthening its lifespan.

Commercial Carpet Installation

We also cater to businesses and corporate environments. Our carpet installation adds vibrancy to your office and business areas, enhancing comfort and rendering them more welcoming. Our commercial carpet installation services cover:

Office Spaces

We provide personalized commercial carpet installation solutions designed to address the unique requirements of your corporate setting. This solution includes carpet installations in individual offices, meeting rooms, cubicles, and public areas, as well as other sections.

Hospitality Industry

Our offerings for commercial carpet setups cover the hospitality industry, including hotels, restaurants, event locations, and various other establishments. In the hospitality field, the choice of carpeting often prioritizes options resistant to spills, stains, and substantial foot traffic. Our knowledge is beneficial as we infuse luxury and comfort into your guest areas all while fulfilling the practical needs of the carpets.


About Us

With SuperSavers Carpet Installation in Edgefield County SC, FL, we take pride in being your reliable partner for premium carpet installation services. With a wealth of experience in the industry, we grasp the importance of superior flooring in upgrading your living or working space.

Whether it's for your home or business, SuperSavers Carpet Installation is committed to delivering {outstanding carpeting solutions that endure. Let us upgrade your space with the coziness and luxury of our expertly installed carpets.}

Types of Carpet Fibres to Consider In Edgefield County SC, FL.

Diverse kinds of carpet fibers are on the market for both household and office application. When deciding regarding carpet fibers, it is vital to take into account factors such as upkeep demands, lifespan, and the comfort of the fiber. Here is a list of some options of carpet materials currently in the market.

Polyester: This type of carpet might be prone to crushing in areas with heavy foot traffic, but it offers a lavish touch, outstanding stain-fighting capabilities, and comes at an affordable price.

Blends: Blended carpets provide a blend of plushness and robustness, along with a variety of styles and material options to select from.

Natural Fibres:Materials from jute, cotton, or hemp originate from jute, cotton, or hemp. These types of carpets are eco-friendly and give off a wholly nature-inspired aesthetic. However, they may also require upkeep.

Nylon: These carpet fibers are furthermore praised for their stain resistance, resilient nature, and range of different hues. Nevertheless, they may come with a slightly higher cost compared to alternative varieties.

Sisal and Seagrass: Such options feature an unusual textured appearance and are typically considered environmentally friendly. Nonetheless, they may feel as soft as other varieties and may be prone to stains, leading to consistent maintenance becomes necessary.

Wool: Wool fibers are inherently soft and durable. They provide a luxurious feel, although they could need additional care compared to other alternatives.

Recycled  Fibres:Such options are made from reused elements, including plastic bottles, resulting in them green and budget-conscious at the same time.

Our Carpet Installation Process

At our Edgefield County SC location, SuperSavers  Carpet Installation, we are strong proponents of high-quality materials acting as the key to achieving beautiful and long-lasting carpeting, but also precise and expert installation. Our carpet laying ensures that your recently installed carpet is meticulously and expertly placed, resulting in an enhancement of the aesthetics and comfort of your area. Below is a breakdown of how we handle the installation process:

1.Consultation and Measurement

We start with an initial and comprehensive evaluation of your area, dedicating time to grasp your room's specific needs, your personal preferences, and additional unique aspects that could be relevant to the project. Following this, we make certain precise measurements to determine the correct amount of carpet required for a perfect installation. At SuperSavers  Carpet Installation, Edgefield County SC, we utilize state-of-the-art measurement approaches to calculate the necessary materials efficiently.

2.Material Selection

We offer a wide range of choices to pick from. Additionally, we are capable of giving consultation on ideal materials, colors, and styles that would complement your specific space. We assist you in making the perfect carpet that suits your unique lifestyle.

3.Removal of Existing Flooring

We guarantee a professional elimination of the previous flooring that demands replacement. Our skilled professionals handle this job with great care, minimizing any disturbances to your space.

4.Subfloor Preparation

We scrutinize your subfloor for any irregularities, including imperfections or uneven conditions. In case it's needed, we address these issues by means of repairs and smoothing, making certain a solid foundation for the new carpet installment.

5.Carpet Installation

Our skilled installation experts adeptly takes care of the process of carpet installation with exact procedures to ensure a flawless installation. We cut with meticulous care the carpets to match the dimensions of your area, paying close attention to patterns, seams, and elevation. In addition, we make use of high-quality carpet padding to boost comfort and long-lasting durability.

6.Edge Finishing and Cleanup

Our skilled team seamlessly merge the seams to achieve a flawless final result, all the while preserving the visual of the carpet. Furthermore, we ensure a complete tidying post the installation process, ensuring your space in superb state. At SuperSavers  Carpet Installation, Edgefield County SC, we leave your area in exceptional shape.

Carpet Types

The market offers a wide range of carpet options available, and among these are the following:

Plush Carpet

Soft and luxurious carpets have a luxurious look and feel, comparable to silk. They deliver a sense of opulence with a uniform and plush pile height, resulting in a comfortable and a welcoming ambiance.

Berber Carpet:

Loop-pile Berber carpet features a textured woven look defined by looped pile construction. It has a speckled design, rendering it suitable for high-traffic areas including hallways or event spaces. Additionally, it proves to be resilient and impervious to wear and stain.

Commercial Grade Carpet

This kind of carpet is mainly tailored for commercial spaces including offices, retail stores, and hotels. It is engineered to endure the test of time, regardless of how high the wear and tear might be. Another exciting element is that it is a breeze to keep clean, and it comes in a variety of colors and designs.

Custom Design Carpet

Selecting custom-designed carpet permits you to tailor a unique flooring solution that matches your unique likings. You're free to select the carpet construction, color, and style, and even incorporate logos and patterns as you desire. You can craft a flooring solution that suits the appearance of your home and reflects your unique style. Custom-designed carpet is available for both spaces.

Contact Us

We're grateful that you have taken the time to consider opting for us at SuperSavers  Carpet Installation, Edgefield County SC. We are enthusiastic to working with you and responding to any concerns that you might have. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us through the following methods:


Frequently asked questions and answers concerning carpet installation services

FAQs about Installing Carpets

What are the three basic types of carpet?

In the world of carpets, you can discover three major classifications: residential, commercial, and industrial. Carpet options for residences are tailored to suit homes and generally offer a softer texture. Commercial carpets, on the other hand, are meant for businesses and typically tend to offer increased durability. Carpet choices for heavy-use settings are crafted for warehouses and similar high-traffic environments and are highly regarded for their outstanding resilience.

What are the six types of carpeting?

You'll discover six types of carpeting: natural fiber, loop pile, cut pile, level loop, multi-level loop, and textured. Each of these boasts its own strengths and weaknesses, so ensure you conduct your research before making a purchase.

Which equipment are required for carpet installation?

The essential equipment or items for a successful carpet installation for our clients include;

  1. Measuring rule
  2. Hammer
  3. Nail driver
  4. Screwdriver
  5. Putty knife
  6. Carpet cleaner
  7. Safety gloves
  8. Tack hammer
  9. Piece of 1/4-inch-thick scrap wood
  10. Small hand saw
  11. Heavy scissors
  12. Stapling tool
  13. Paintbrush or notched trowel
  14. Utility knife with sharp, heavy-duty blades
  15. Knee kicker, available on rental from most carpet dealers
  16. Wooden block
  17. Plane

What items required for carpet installation?

  1. Graph paper
  2. Flooring nails
  3. Filling compound for wood
  4. Tackless carpet fastening strips
  5. Metal door edging strip for each doorway in the room
  6. Foam padding for carpet
  7. Foam padding adhesive
  8. Robust stapling fasteners
  9. Precut and pre-seamed carpeting

What queries|What inquiries|What questions} must I ask a carpet installer?

A carpet installer is an individual who aids in the installation of carpets in houses or commercial establishments. When engaging the services of a carpet installer, it is important to inquire about several questions, which include;

  1. How long have you been in business?
  2. What's covered in the total price?
  3. Could you clarify the warranty terms for the carpet, pad, and the installation process?
  4. Will you send a professional estimator to my home to calculate how much flooring will be required?
  5. Is your installer bonded and insured?
  6. Will the installer move furniture or do I need to hire a third-party?
  7. What type of space and equipment will the installers need access to?
  8. Can you provide references or examples of your work?
  9. How long will the job take?
  10. Is there adequate door clearance after carpet installation?
  11. Are my subfloors in satisfactory condition?

What Are Some Typical Blunders in New Carpet Installation?

Typical blunders made when installing a new carpet entail neglecting measurements of the room precisely, overlooking enough carpet, and omitting the use of the proper tools.

How do you ascertain whether carpet installation is executed adequately?

The process of carpet laying holds significant importance in any home improvement project. There are several things you can take to ensure that your carpet has been installed adequately.

First and foremost, thoroughly examine the seams. They must be straight and lacking any gaps. If you notice gaps, it's an indication that the carpet hasn't been installed correctly.

Additionally, verify whether the carpet is level. It needs to be even with the floor and lacking any bunching in any areas.

Thirdly, ensure that there is not any vinyl visible in any sections. This can occur when the carpet has not been installed adequately.

If you adhere to these recommendations, you can be confident that your carpet has been installed in the right manner and will keep its beauty for an extended period of time to come.

How much does it cost to put carpet into a 12x12 room?

The cost for carpet installation in a 12x12 room will vary according to some variables, including the type of carpet you pick and the charges for carpet installation. For cost planning, plan for spending approximately between300-$500 on carpeting in a 12x12 room.

What's the appropriate rate for the installation of the carpet?

It's difficult to give a definitive answer to this inquiry because there are when determining a cost for carpet installation. Nonetheless, some key aspects to consider the type of carpet that is installed, the area's size, and the complexity of the installation

Generally speaking, smaller and simpler installations are usually less expensive than more substantial and intricate projects. Moreover, high-end carpets will typically result in increased installation costs than lower-priced options.

Taking these factors in mind, it is wise to secure a few quotes from diverse contractors before making a conclusive selection.

Edgefield County is a county located on the western border of the U.S. state of South Carolina. As of the 2020 census, its population was 25,657. Its county seat and largest municipality is Edgefield. The county was established on March 12, 1785.
CityZip Codes
Charleston29424 29425 29455 29405 29407 29401 29403 29409 29492 29412 29414 29402 29413 29417 29422 29457
Columbia29203 29207 29205 29208 29209 29212 29225 29210 29201 29206 29204 29202 29214 29215 29216 29217 29218 29220 29224 29226 29240 29250
Greenville29614 29607 29605 29601 29609 29602 29603 29604 29612 29616
Myrtle Beach29572 29577 29578
Spartanburg29302 29301 29307 29306 29304 29319
Mauldin29662 29607 29681
Rock Hill29732 29733 29730 29731
North Charleston29420 29456 29485 29404 29405 29406 29418 29416 29419 29423
Mount Pleasant29466 29464 29465
Florence29505 29506 29501 29502 29503 29504
Anderson29625 29621 29624 29622
Sumter29154 29152 29153 29150 29151
Hilton Head Island29928 29926 29925 29938
Summerville29485 29486 29483 29484
Goose Creek29486 29445
Greer29651 29650 29652
Aiken29801 29803 29802
Carolina Forest29579
Fort Mill29715 29716
North Augusta29860 29841 29861
Simpsonville29680 29681
Lexington29072 29071
Easley29642 29640
Greenwood29649 29646 29647 29648
Conway29527 29526 29528
St. Andrews29212 29210 29221
Wade Hampton29615 29687 29606
Five Forks29681
North Myrtle Beach29582 29568 29566 29597
West Columbia29170 29169 29171
Clemson29631 29632
Red Hill29588 29526
Berea29617 29611
Seven Oaks29212 29210 29227
Gantt29673 29605
Cayce29209 29172 29033 29201
Lake Wylie29745 29710
Parker29617 29611
Beaufort29902 29904 29906 29941 29901
Orangeburg29115 29118 29117
Port Royal29902 29905 29906 29935
Moncks Corner29461
Gaffney29340 29341
Tega Cay29708
Oak Grove29073 29170
James Island29412
Irmo29212 29063
Forest Acres29206 29204 29260
Garden City29575 29576
Boiling Springs29316
Fountain Inn29644
Red Bank29073
Little River29566
Powdersville29673 29611 29642
Murrells Inlet29576
Woodfield29223 29219
Seneca29672 29678 29679
Litchfield Beach29585
Georgetown29440 29442
Sans Souci29617 29609
Burton29902 29906 29903
Travelers Rest29617 29613 29690
Valley Falls29316 29303
Hartsville29550 29551
Centerville29625 29623
Forestbrook29588 29579
White Knoll29073
Homeland Park29626 29624
Lake Murray of Richland29177 29036 29063
Lake City29560
Laurel Bay29906
Lyman29385 29365
Clemson University29631 29634
Batesburg-Leesville29070 29006
Hollywood29470 29449
Barnwell29812 29813
Baxter Village29708
East Camden29020
Isle of Palms29451
Southern Shops29303
Surfside Beach29575
India Hook29732
Saxon29378 29301
Clearwater29841 29842 29822
Duncan29334 29651
Wyboo29102 29148
Northlake29625 29621
Honea Path29654
Lesslie29704 29730
Roebuck29369 29376
Arcadia29320 29301
Golden Grove29673
Dunean29611 29605
Wellford29377 29385
Gloverville29828 29851
Capitol View29209
Burnettown29829 29851 29816 29841
Keowee Key29676
McCormick29899 29835
East Gaffney29340
Pine Ridge29053 29172 29228
North Hartsville29550
South Congaree29170 29172
Arkwright29376 29306
Shell Point29906
New Ellenton29809 29803
Ninety Six29666
Sullivan's Island29482
St. George29477
Ben Avon29302
Watts Mills29360
Pacolet29372 29373
Winnsboro Mills29180
St. Matthews29135
Eureka Mill29706
Tigerville29690 29687
Ware Shoals29692
Wilkinson Heights29115
Langley29851 29834
Kiawah Island29455
Seabrook Island29455
Calhoun Falls29628
Slater-Marietta29661 29683
Great Falls29055
Camp Croft29302
Hopkins29061 29290
South Sumter29150
Stateburg29040 29154
Mayo29368 29323 29330
Reidville29334 29375 29388
Fairforest29301 29336
Monarch Mill29379
Judson29611 29601
Conestee29605 29636
St. Stephen29479
City View29611 29601
Cane Savannah29154
Holly Hill29059
Murphys Estates29860
Olympia29201 29222
Beech Island29842
Six Mile29682
West Pelzer29669
Lake Secession29620 29655
Due West29639
Bonneau Beach29431
Sandy Springs29670 29625
Folly Beach29439 29412